Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Classic Traverse

The approach

The weather, and a partner (thanks Marianne!), finally aligned yesterday for a brillaint day out on the classic traverse from Homer to Gertrude saddle, via Mt Macpherson and Traverse pass. The route is straight forward without any technical climbing (the rope stayed in my pack), although it does feature some nice scrambling on solid granite - particularly on Talbot's Ladder, the section above Homer Saddle. We opted for clumsy boots, but in good summer conditions trail runners and light crampons would likely be more fun. 

Near the top of Talbot's ladder

Looking across to Mt Moir and Moir's Mate

Looking west from the summit of Mt Macpherson

Looking north from the ridge, Tutuko and Madeline in the distance

A couple of climbers making their way towards Traverse pass

Approaching Traverse pass below Mt Talbot

Looking back at the middle section of the route from Traverse pass

The descent to Gertrude saddle




Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Full Value

Doug, Luke, Rob and myself have just returned from a trip that, despite being a fairly short mission, provided a full spectrum backcountry experience. We had a bit of everything -  wind, rain, sunshine, fresh snow, low water, high water, easy walking, hard walking, straight forward paddling and technical whitewater. This is the trip done by Roman Dial et al and Forrest McCarthy (and probably a heap of Kiwis) in recent years - starting in the Hopkins valley, up the Huxley and north branch of the Huxley, crossing the main divide at Brodrick pass into the Landsborough valley and paddling out to the Haast road. Highly recommended. Oh yeah, consider taking a spare paddle. I'll try to get an edit and some more words together soon.