Saturday, October 12, 2013

As It Should Be

I've been living in Te Anau for about a week or so now and I'm genuinely excited to be based on the edge of Fiordland, New Zealand's biggest, wildest chunk of wilderness. Deep fiords lined with huge granite walls, glaciated peaks, hundreds of picturesque waterfalls, huge lakes fed by fast flowing, impossibly clear rivers, unique wildlife, easily accessible trails as well as valleys and ridges which seldom see people. An outdoor bum's paradise with enough opportunities for several lifetime's worth of adventure. As psyched as I am about playing - and working - in the deep south for the next seven months, I can't help but think about the four weeks previous spent roadtripping from one end of the south island to the other. 

The thing is, those four weeks didn't include any particularly bold or adventurous missions and I can't say I ever really extended myself. We hiked some trails, we ran some trails, we rode some trails, we scrambled up a few easy peaks, we clipped bolts at a few crags, we skied a bit (still can't ski) and we floated down some rivers..all brilliant days playing in the outdoors. We also slept in often, had leisurely breakfasts and spent rainy mornings in cafes or reading in the van. Granted, being constantly surrounded by ever-changing, absurdly beautiful terrain accounts for some of my pining for life on the road. But what I'm really missing is just being outside everyday, living a simple life uncluttered by the bullshit that can sometimes rule our 'everyday' lives.