Friday, August 2, 2013

A Ridge Ramble

Apart from a few days messing around at my local ski field, the last few weeks have - for the usual reasons - featured way too much town time. But this stunning day spent mostly above treeline made everything ok again

The northern section of the St Arnaud range manages to combine accessibility with an adventurous feel and epic views. In a good winter the mode of travel on this route would be skis or snow shoes, but winter seems to have given up at the top of the south island. Trail runners and micro spikes are all that is needed in the current spring like conditions.

In winter, the Rainbow ski field road makes it possible to do a bike drop not too far below the crest of the ridge, making a neat loop starting and finishing at Kerr Bay on the shore of Lake Rotoiti. 


  1. What a fine playground. The 2nd last photo with the steps leaving the photo is especially nice =)

  2. Thanks Hendrik! And thankyou for another mention at TWIR recently. Enjoy the rest of your summer!