Monday, June 24, 2013

Slow In The Snow

Each week I go to the mountains and each week I come back with another valuable lesson learned. Every trip spent moving in the mountains - by foot, bike or boat - provides sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious clues about how to be more at home in the hills. Being a winter novice, the lessons have been coming thick and fast lately. This week Danno, Will and myself got schooled while trying to impose our light and fast ethos after a good dump of snow in Nelson Lakes. Our pace through the deeper sections of snow meant we weren't able to complete our planned loop but we were ok with that..just another lesson learned. 

Our minimalist tarps and bivies were replaced by backcountry huts on this trip. 


  1. Loving the blog mate. First winter in NZ looks like a blast!

  2. Hey Trev - looking over your latest posts is making me think I need a sea change. Liam