Saturday, June 1, 2013

Biking the Heaphy

From the Kennett guidebook: 'For experienced backcountry riders, The Heaphy remains a classic among classics for it's stunning scenery, amazing wildlife and the satisfying sense of accomplishment it engenders'. The Heaphy is an amazing trail, but what makes it special in my mind is the diversity. From the eastern trailhead, just inland from the clear still waters of Golden Bay, the trails climbs through native beech forest to the sub-alpine tops at around 900m. Perfect single track winds across the tops for the next 30 or so kilometres before the trail dives down to the wild west coast where huge swells smash into the almost tropical looking rainforest clad coastline. 

This winter is the last of a three year trial period for bikes on the Heaphy. It does seem unlikely that the Department of Conservation will not continue to let bikes on the trail between May and September in the future. Still, if your keen to sample this fine trail by bike you might want to book it in this year..just in case. 

                                                            Cool spiders web, Karate Monkey, Viscacha 


  1. Looks like a slice of Heaven! Nice ride.

  2. Nice one Trev, did you do it as an overnighter?

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, I've done it as an overnighter a couple of times now Mike. Some do it as a day trip which I might do sometime, its nice to spend a night on the trail though. There are huts too, so you can travel light.

  4. Hi Trev, looks amazing! Can you ask Sal to get in touch please. Thanks, Ing