Monday, April 15, 2013

Nelson's Mountain

Mt Arthur and the Twins from my street

If you look to the west from almost anywhere in Nelson you will see Mt Arthur and it's neighbours rising 1800m above Tasman Bay. These peaks sit on the eastern edge of the massive Kahurangi National Park. A good portion of the park's interior is true wilderness, meaning no trails and no huts. But the Mt Arthur area could hardly be more accessible. From the trailhead at 900m its a short walk to get above the tree line and within a couple of hours you are cruising along the summit ridge. For day trips or overnighters close to Nelson this area is hard to beat.

Looking north west to the tablelands with a cheeky Kea

Looking south to the Twins

Sunrise over Tasman Bay

There are good - but dry -campsites on the tops 

Looking west into the heart of Kahurangi

A short video of the area..


  1. Thanks Mike! Yeah, its pretty freakin cool. Hope all is well

  2. Nice, Trev! Plenty of fun time ahead!

  3. Thanks Philip! Yep, lots to do and not enough time to do usual :)

  4. It must be cold down there, you had at least half a tent with you.

  5. haha..yes, if Sal has her way a whole tent will soon be coming along. congrats to Min on another TW finish!!