Saturday, March 23, 2013

At Home In The Mountains

Things have been a little hectic since relocating from Oz to New Zealand a month or so back. Just the usual boring life stuff, finding a place to live, finding work, dealing with car stuff..etc, etc. Being based in Nelson I am spoilt for fine quality trails right out my back door. But I moved to NZ for the backcountry. Big, wild, unspoilt country with steep sided peaks and valleys cut by fast flowing crystal clear rivers. So I finally got out for a couple of days wandering around in Nelson Lakes which was just brilliant. Stunning country, a mix of weather, challenging walking and a wild camp..perfect.

My main playgrounds here, along with Nelson Lakes NP, will be, Mt Richmond Forest Park, Kahurangi NP, Abel Tasman NP, the Marlborough Sounds, the St James Conservation Area and the Molesworth Conservation Area. Close to a combined one million hectares of bush, mountains and wild rivers. As always, I will be sporadically documenting my outings here with the hope that some of my ramblings and photos may provide inspiration and ideas for you, the reader, to explore some of these areas yourself. I will also try to report, from time to time, on the various types of gear I've been using - what worked, what didn't, ideas for improvement etc.  

An inquisitive little Robin...

 The classic Lake Rotoiti view

Thanks for checking in


  1. What a great backyard you now have Trev! Well done on the move and I'm looking forward to reading more about your NZ travels.

  2. Cheers Darren! I'm looking forward to sharing them! Hope all is well with you

  3. Super exciting for you! Hope you are settling in well.