Saturday, October 6, 2012


The flowers are in bloom and snakes are on the move..

but this year the local trails are dry and dusty, time for some very early morning and night time runs in the lead up to Bogong to Hotham..

Liam, Miyoko and myself, all smiles before cooking for 19hrs at Hells Bells last weekend..

For the last two summers the Obi, as well as other local creeks, have frequently looked like this. This year looks less promising..packrafts and whitewater boats will, unfortunately, likely be getting wet less often. Preparation for January's Franklin River trip will need to be done elsewhere.. 

while I suspect my sea kayak will be getting wet more often

We got a taste of what we might expect from this summer in SE Queensland over the last couple of days. It was the taste of sweat mixed with hot, heavy, smoke filled air. The kind of days where it takes the rest of the day to re-hydrate after a two hour run or ride. For those of the hiking/running, biking, paddling, climbing persuasion heat is not usually welcomed (except for rolling sessions I guess). But it is what it is and we adapt. Night time becomes our friend and shady trails with water holes to cool off in are everywhere. So for those of you based at warmer latitudes, I hope you find creative, fun-filled, adventurous ways to enjoy this summer. Thanks for checking in. 

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