Sunday, July 29, 2012

SAND: The Gear and The Video

I won't go into a huge amount of detail here, just a quick run down on the gear we used that some of you will find useful when planning a trip like this.


Salsa Mukluk 3 with 1x10 gearing, 22t front and 11-34 cassette. Apart from one broken chain, the bikes ran perfectly. This gearing gave us a top speed of about 18km/hr on the hard packed sand which was a little frustrating at times. Even though the trip wasn't about speed and I would use a 1x10 setup again, a 26t front ring would probably be a better choice. For the sake of simplicity and weight savings we chose not to fit back brakes, which worked well, but we should have packed spare pads, by the end of the trip the pads were almost down to the metal. For spares we carried one tube each, some patches, chain links, a few M5 bolts and one derailleur hanger.


Seat Bag - Revelate Viscacha with Spocket. An amazingly well designed and made bit of kit. Lightweight, stable and can be removed and put in your pack if need be. This carried our shelter, both sleeping mats, both bivys and my spare clothes. The Spocket carried chain lube and sunnies. If your only going to buy one piece of bikepacking gear this should be it. Gear of the trip.

Frame Bag - MYOG. I made this from materials salvaged from an old tote bag. It worked well but I don't expect a long service life. I think I'll make the next one from a heavier fabric like VX21 perhaps. This carried spare tubes and parts, stove, tent pole, headlamps, spare camera batteries, Kindle and food.

Handlebar Bag - Revelate Pocket with 13l S2S Big River Dry Bag. This worked well as long as the straps were tightened regularly to keep the dry bag in place. I would possibly consider the new Sweetroll next time. The Pocket itself carried a GoPro, sunscreen, a Leatherman and snacks. The dry bag carried food.

Top Tube Bag - Revelate Gas Tank. Super handy. Carried a multi tool and snacks.

Backpack - Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Dry Day Pack. Seam sealed with a roll top closure, this 22l pack stuffs to the size of an apple when not in use and weighs 100gms! This carried a quilt and the map.

Water Storage - 3 x King Stainless Cages with 1l Zefal bottles and 1 x 2l Platy. Didn't need the Platy, water is everywhere on Fraser.

SHELTER - Black Diamond Mega Light. It rained a lot so having a big shelter was great but head nets would have been good to have for the sand flies on the west coast.
BIVY - MYOG. Just used as a ground sheet.
MAT - Thermarest Neo Air short. Great.
QUILT - MLD Spirit 30. Too warm.
STOVE - Jetboil Sol Ti. Very fuel efficient, used less than one 100gm canister.
RAIN JACKET - Arc'teryx Alpha LT. Great.
T-SHIRT  - Patagonia Cap 2 x 2. Great
L/S SHIRT - Patagonia Cap 2. Didn't use.
WARM JACKET - Patagonia R1 Hoody. Great.
LONG PANTS - Patagonia GI2. Great.
KNICKS - Pearl Izumi. Good knicks but one small Bodyglide was not enough chamois creme! We also forgot wipes which was a serious mistake. Not surprisingly a week riding on a sand island did lead to some chaffing. 


  1. Thanks for the gear run down Trev. Looks like a fun trip. Some stunning 'still' photos in the video as well!

  2. Thanks Philip! Hope some of the info was helpful.