Saturday, May 5, 2012


First ride today on the latest addition to my ever expanding toolbox. A ridiculous looking bike with huge fat tyres designed to go where conventional mountain bikes struggle.  Although this was just a short unloaded cruise around the bottom of Bribie Island, initial impressions suggest this is going to be the ideal tool for some multi-day coastal trips I have planned for this winter. 

Although far from common, fatbikes have been in use in Oz for quite a few years now. Most notably by Brisbane adventurer, Russell Worthington, during his jaw dropping 7500km ride through all of Australia's ten deserts. Interestingly the first fatbikes were developed in the 1980s by Texan Ray Molino for riding on sand...Australia has more than 50 000kms of coastline and around 3 million square kms of desert. 

For an appreciation of the type of potential fatbikes (and packrafts) present in terms of wilderness exploration the must view (in full screen!) video is Mike Curiak's stunning documentation of a ten day trip on Alaska's Lost Coast.

A short clip from this morning's ride at Bribie.


  1. Great stuff Trev. I have been considering the 9:Zero:9 but am undecided so I am interested in you opinion on the Salsa in particular, for sand riding. Look forward to reading you adventures on it!

  2. Thanks guys, I'm almost as excited as when I got my packraft! Philip, let me know if you would like to check out my Salsa (and packrafts) before buying yours. I was able to get my frameset from Epic Cycles but got the build kit from Fatbikes in Alaska.

  3. Thanks Trev. Both purchases are getting closer!! I may have a few questions regarding build kit at some point in the future if thats okay. These bikes open up so many new potential trips, look forward to reading about yours. Looked like a perfect day at Barney too!

  4. Looks like fun Trev, might have to add a couple to the collection for Rach and I one of these days. Will have to soften her up a bit first of course. :P

  5. Nice one trev. Looks like hard work though!