Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuff To Do In Summer

 Summer has arrived in SE Qld. Even the shortest missions on bike and foot will cost you litres of sweat. Accept it.

The all day runs, rides and climbs become a little less appealing and going for a paddle or a surf or any activity that results in getting wet becomes more and more appealing. Which is great, spending time on (in) the sea makes for a nice contrast to the cooler months of the year spent mostly in the craggy, dry scrub further west. 

For those that crave trails though, summer can still be fun season if you adjust the timing of your adventures and/or plan them around water. With a bit of creativity minimal time can be spent on the couch over the long, hot summer.

The trip I did last night with Jalal and Frances up to Tibro makes a great summer mini adventure. This is one of my after work favourites. 

First, make a stop on the way to pick up a tasty snack to eat while you take a break before the descent, (cheese and veg pancake and sweet potato wedges from Kwan Yin are highly recommended). Next, drive to Tibro and park at the western carpark, from here its a short jog on the super highway around to the east side, take the climbers trail up to the east face.  From here climb the Caves route - description - up to a perfect flat slab on the north east shoulder for dinner. Chill out for a minute in the cool breeze that usually blows up here before heading up to the summit and descending via the hikers route back to your car. Around one and a half hours total.

We had two snake encounters last night, the first was this beautifully marked Carpet snake, the next with a Brown snake. I've already seen several over the last couple of months, looks like it could be big snake season.

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