Sunday, October 2, 2011


Stormy skies over Barney, shot taken from near Mt Cordeaux on Saturday.

Mt Barney has long been one of my favourite places to walk/run and the fantastic morning I spent there today, doing one of the classic Barney loops, just confirmed what an awesome area this is for travelling on foot. 

I was wondering if this mission was going to happen at all on Saturday evening as a spectacular storm moved over the mountains and lashed the van with strong winds and rain. The rain was short lived though and I awoke to perfectly clear skies and a cool breeze, ideal conditions and a welcome change from my last hot and hazy Barney walk two weeks before.

I had decided to push a little today, as I crossed the Logan River and trotted across the paddock my legs seemed to be responding well so I kept up a pretty steady pace. This didn't last, as I hit the steep hiking on the lower slopes of the ridge proper my pace took a dramatic dive, I really didn't care though, I was just happy to be moving in the mountains on such an amazing day.

Looking north from the summit.

Logan's Ridge is short and steep, climbing a 1000m in around three km, it leads directly to Barney's 1350m East Peak. I stopped the watch at the summit marker in 1:51 which I was happy with considering my current fitness level and several photo stops. There was a cold wing blowing on the summit so I put on my wind shirt while I hung around for ten minutes taking in the view and having a bite to eat.

When I got cold I took off down the SE Ridge which felt very low angled after Logan's. As usual my knees protested a bit but before long I was jogging down the last section to the fireroad on Cronin Creek and back through the paddocks to Yellow Pinch for a total time of 3:18. An awesome day on an awesome mountain!

Clear skies to the south over Ernest and Lindesay.

Splits -
Start - Parks sign at Yellow Pinch
Summit - 1hr51min
Campsite 10 on Cronin Creek - 2hr58min
End Yellow Pinch - 3hr18min

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