Sunday, February 6, 2011


Looking out at the 'Ships Stern'.

I was entered in the Mt Glorious Mountain Trails 30km today but the recent heavy rains had caused severe damage to parts of the original course. As a result QPWS offered Joyners Ridge rd and a short section of single track for the event. This meant a double out and back on a 7.5km section of mostly firetrail. So I could do that or I could go to Lamington and cruise perfect single track through the cool forest..easy decision.

The Ships Stern/Daves Creek loop is a run/walk I've done many times before and is one of my favourites at Lamington due to it's diversity. About half the trail is through rainforest and past the waterfalls Lamington is famous for and the rest follows rocky escarpments and drier Eucalypt forests. The trail is fairly non technical and all runnable without any big steep climbs. Although not quite as cool as the pure rainforest trails in the park this loop is still a great summer option with plenty of creeks to have a splash in along the way.

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  1. hi trev,
    sorry to miss you at mtG.
    yep compared to what you did it was a like a road race!
    probably will miss alpine now due to a hammy problem but still running the short stuff (<30km).
    still running around coot-tha every week or so.