Sunday, September 19, 2010


The village of Hamnoy in perfect conditions just before we left.

Well, my Lofoten Islands mission didn't really turn out the way I had hoped. I'll keep it short..the team was myself, Paulie, Sindre and Eirik. The night before we flew up to the islands Sindre broke his arm, on the flight from Australia I picked up a viral infection. Paulie and Eirik left without us, paddling north from Reine, I spent the next week mostly in bed either sweating or freezing my arse off and popping pills. I eventually met up with them and got in a few days paddling, which was awesome! and a couple of climbs. Thats the way it goes sometimes. Lofoten is stunningly beautiful and I can't wait to get back there for another crack.

Idyllic camping near Svolvær.

We did get to paddle for a day in the kind of conditions Lofoten is known for.

Paddling under huge granite cliffs in Trollfjord.

The water in Lofoten is incredibly clear and incredibly cold!

Flat conditions with Vågakallen in the background.

A huge thanks to Sandro and everyone at Reine Adventure for making this trip happen.

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