Sunday, September 19, 2010


The village of Hamnoy in perfect conditions just before we left.

Well, my Lofoten Islands mission didn't really turn out the way I had hoped. I'll keep it short..the team was myself, Paulie, Sindre and Eirik. The night before we flew up to the islands Sindre broke his arm, on the flight from Australia I picked up a viral infection. Paulie and Eirik left without us, paddling north from Reine, I spent the next week mostly in bed either sweating or freezing my arse off and popping pills. I eventually met up with them and got in a few days paddling, which was awesome! and a couple of climbs. Thats the way it goes sometimes. Lofoten is stunningly beautiful and I can't wait to get back there for another crack.

Idyllic camping near Svolvær.

We did get to paddle for a day in the kind of conditions Lofoten is known for.

Paddling under huge granite cliffs in Trollfjord.

The water in Lofoten is incredibly clear and incredibly cold!

Flat conditions with Vågakallen in the background.

A huge thanks to Sandro and everyone at Reine Adventure for making this trip happen.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Skyline Trail

The highlight of our Canadian adventures for me was our run on the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park. The Skyline is the Overland Track of the northern Rockies, meaning it's a classic trail which gets a lot of traffic in the summer. The trail gains around 1400m over 45km and most of this distance is above the treeline. Sal and I teamed up with our good friend and Jasper local Tanya, (two days before her wedding) who hadn't run the trail for 10 years. We had a great day jogging most of the flats and downhill and hiking the climbs in just under 8 hours. Grizzlies are quite common in the area but we weren't lucky enough to see one but we did see some Woodland Caribou near the start and plenty of XXL Marmots.

Looking back along the ridge on the Skyline Trail.

Gettin high on the Skyline.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I finally made it to Muir's Range of light and was genuinely blown away. We barely scratched the surface on this short trip but these were some of the best days I've spent outside.

The Matthes Crest (10920 ft) is a mile long fin of perfect white high country granite.

High Sierra campfire.

Cruising the slabs on Zee Tree in typically perfect Yosemite weather.

A beautiful hole on the Tuolumne River.

On Matthes Crest with the Echo Peaks behind.

The last pitch to the top of Matthes Crest.

Valley bouldering.

First pitch, SE Buttress Cathedral Peak.

Cathedral Peak (10940 ft) from the south. We climbed the SE Buttress ( right hand skyline, 5.7)

About to start the descent from Cathedral Peak with Eichorn's Pinnacle and Cathedral Lake in the background.

Washing off in Vogelsang Lake.

Descending from Vogelsang Pass.

Starting the descent from Blue Lake Pass.

Blue Lake reflections.

Looking back at Blue Lake from the climb to Blue Lake Pass.

On the way up to North Glacier Pass.

Camp under Banner Peak.

Check out Danno's blogspot at for more details on our Sierra adventures.