Saturday, July 10, 2010


The new Conondale Great Walk opened last weekend so Danno and myself thought we'd go check it out. Unlike most of the other Great Walks, this one is a loop so logistically it's super easy, no car shuttles or bike to the trailhead and run/walk back to your car.

Having spent a bit of time in the Conondales over the years we knew this wouldn't be an easy day, as you can see from the elevation profile there isn't a lot of flat ground!

The swimming holes on this trail are outstanding! It's going to be a great summer mission.

We both thought this was a harder day than the Blackall Range Great Walk which features mostly well graded fast trail. The Conondale walk has sections of trail with deep leaves/sticks and turned up ground from wild pigs as well as quite a bit of tree fall. Strong runners should get around in about five hours. It was raining the day we did it which caused a few slips and slides but kept us nice and cool (it was actually quite cold at the high point).

Overall a great day out. Highly recommended!

Shoes - Salomon XA Pro - Yeah there a bit heavy and stiff but they "look after you". still my favourites for longer runs/walks.
Pack - Nathan HPL#020 - The ultimate running pack?
Gaiters - Dirty Girl - Definitely worth the weight on muddy trails. The best gaiters I've used.
Calories - 5 x gels, 2 x pb&j sandwichs, 1 x pack small plain chips, 600ml gatorade, 3 lt of water(not enough) and 3 x salt caps.

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